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Zions Application Procedure Manual


Zions Underwriting Grid Download


Farmer Mac Appraisal Downloads

FAMC Appraisal Requirements rev 8-15-06.docx
Summary of FAMC appraisal requirements
FAMC appraisal content summary
FTF Environmental Disclosure 1010A.xlsx
FAMC Environmental Survey Form
1034 Permanent planting.xlsm
Supplemental appraisal form
1035 Income Approach.xlsm
Supplemental appraisal form
1036 Sale Data Summary.xlsm
Supplemental appraisal form
1047 CAR Form rev 7-11.docx
Collateral Assessment Report


FAMC-ZAF Loan Servicing Downloads

FAMC Form 1038 - Collateral Inpsection Report.docx
Annual FAMC Property Inspection Report
deliquent report rev 1-20-04.xltx
30 Day Delinquent Report
ZAF Partial Release Procedure.dotx
Checklist providing Partial Release Procedures