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Farm and Ranch Loans

Zions Ag Finance continues to provide the best possible financing options to America’s Farmers and Ranchers.  There are no prepayment penalties on most loans along with attractive rates and terms.  We provide land loan financing nationwide for acquisitions, refinancing existing debt and financing capital expansion.  You can benefit from our experience in structuring solutions for your family or corporate farm and ranch operation.  


Fixed Rate Products

Fixed Rate Products have a fixed interest rate for the entire loan term. Zions Ag Finance offers fixed rate loan up 30 years with options such as 10,15,20,25 and 30 year fixed rates.  If the amortization exceeds the term, the loan will have a balloon payment at maturity. (i.e. On a 15-year fixed term loan with 25-year amortization, the loan balloons in 15 years and the balloon payment is due at that time.) 

Adjustable Rate Products

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) Loan Products have a fixed interest rate for the initial period selected, then reprice and fix again for the specified period. This continues throughout the loan term. (i.e. On a 10/1 ARM, the loan will fixed for the initial fixed rate period of 10 years then reprice every 1 year.) Zions Ag Finance offers 7/1 and 10/1 ARM products.     

Variable Rate Mortgage

Variable Rate Mortgage (VRM) Loan Products are fixed for an initial period, reprice, and are then fixed for the shorter of the same period or the remaining term of the loan. This continues throughout the entire loan term. (i.e. On a 10-year VRM with a 25-year term, the loan will reprice twice – at year 10 and year 20, then remain fixed for the final 5 years.) Zions Ag Finance offers 1, 3, 5, 10 and 15-year VRM products.

Credit Guidelines

We tailor a solution to fit your goals. Below are a few guidelines before you apply:

  • Debt-To-Asset ratio of 50% or less (Total Debts/Total Assets)
  • Current Ratio of at least 1.25:1 (Current Assets/Current Debts)
  • Available cash to service debt of 1.25:1 or better DSCR
  • Acceptable credit history of 680 or above

Required Documentation

  • Signed application
  • Current balance sheet
  • Federal tax returns1
  • Ag production history1
  • Entity documents
  • Historical balance sheets
  • Farm income/expense projections
  • Asset, debt & income verifications
1. 3 years required; additional 2 years may be requested.


Complete the prequalification process below and a Zions Ag Finance specialist will contact you.  

Ag Equity Land Line of Credit

Putting Land Equity to Work For Your Farm or Ranch

The AgEquity Revolving Line of Credit allows borrowers to use the equity in their agricultural real estate to fund capital and operating purchases. Five year or 10 year draw periods are available to better position their operation for success. Competitive rates are variable monthly with semi-annual interest payments automatically deducted fom your designated account each January and July. Conversion options are available to convert line into an amortizing term loan if desired.


  • Choose a 5 or 10-year term2
  • Limited number or draws & repayments during draw period3
  • Repay principal at any time
  • Interest-only, semi-annual payments on outstanding balances
  • No non-use fees
  • Draws funded to your account the next day
  • Make Online Payments
  • Use funds for any on-farm or business purpose
  • Convert to a term loan on any interest-only payment date

            2. Upon request and approval of a credit review.
            3. Minimum $2,500 per draw.

Qualification Guidelines4

  • Borrow up to 50% of bare-land valueequity
  • Debt-to-Asset Ratio of 50% or less (Total Debts/Total Assets)
  • Available cash to service debt of 1.35:1 or better DSCR
  • Acceptable credit history of 680 or above
  • Minimum loan size of $200,000

4. Require first mortgage position, can refinance existing mortgage.


Complete the prequalification process below and a Zions Ag Finance specialist will contact you.  

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